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Annapurna Galleries Launches “Guess Title, & Win Art’ Giveaway

Hey, Art enthusiasts!

Get ready to participate in Annapurna Galleries’ latest giveaway campaign and take home some amazing prizes. Annapurna Galleries has launched the “Guess Title, & Win Art’ Giveaway” campaign, where participants can stand a chance to win valuable gifts worth thousands of rupees.

The giveaway campaign features a variety of prizes, including a valuable watercolor art worth Rs. 10,000/-, a customized printed mug, a customized printed water bottle, and a customized printed t-shirt. All participants have to do is follow three simple steps to be entered into the lucky draw.

  1. Firstly, participants must visit the Annapurna Galleries Facebook page and guess the title of the painting featured on the site. 
  2. Secondly, participants must like the Annapurna Galleries Facebook page and share their posts publicly to increase their chances of winning. 
  3. Lastly, participants must tag three friends who they think would be interested in participating in the giveaway in the comments section.

Once participants have completed all three steps, they will automatically be entered into the lucky draw. A winner will be chosen at random, and their name will be announced in Annapurna Galleries’ Video Story. 

It’s important to note that the winner can collect their prize by visiting the Annapurna Galleries office located in Radhe Radhe, Madhyapur Thimi, Bhaktapur.

Annapurna Galleries is a well-known name in the art industry, and its giveaway campaign has generated a lot of excitement among art lovers. 

With the chance to win valuable gifts, participants are eager to guess the title of the painting and take home the prize.

This giveaway campaign is a great opportunity for participants to showcase their art knowledge and take home a valuable prize. Annapurna Galleries is known for its exceptional artwork, and this giveaway is a testament to its commitment to fostering a community of art enthusiasts.

So what are you waiting for? 

Head over to the Annapurna Galleries Official Facebook Page and participate in the “Guess, Win, and Take Home” giveaway campaign for a chance to win some fantastic prizes. 

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to showcase your art knowledge and take home a valuable gift.

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