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Diesel, Kerosene, LPG & Petrol Price In Nepal

Price of Petrol in Nepal

The price of petrol in Nepal is increased by Rs 2 to Nepal Oil Corporation(NOC). The total Nepal petrol price per liter is Rs 181 in Nepal. This is the highest petrol rate increment done by Oil Corporation due to extreme financial crises faced by corporations. This increment in the petrol price is greatly affecting the life of Nepalese in Kathmandu Valley. The price of petrol may increase soon.

Today Petrol price in Nepal

  • Nepal Petrol Price per Liter: Rs 181 (increased by Rs2)

Gas Price In Nepal

Nepal is also bearing a huge loss in Liquefied Petroleum. To overcome the losses of Liquefied Petroleum, NOC is increasing the LPG gas price in Nepal to overcome the loss. From 2079 Asadh, 5 increments of Rs. 200 are done in a cooking gas cylinder. Now the new price hits Rs. 1800 per cylinder. Nepal bears a loss of Rs1050.16 per LPG gas cylinder.

Gas Cylinder Price in Nepal 2022

  • Gas Price In Nepal Per cylinderRs. 1800/-

Diesel Price In Nepal

Similarly, Oil Corporation has increased the price of Diesel and kerosene by Rs 13, costing Rs 172 per Liter. The Corporation is bearing a huge loss. According to the Corporation, it has been selling fuel and aviation turbine fuel at a price lower than buying. Petrol, Diesel and kerosene price may increase more soon.

Diesel Price in Nepal Today 2022

Diesel Price Per Liter: Rs 172 (Decreased by 9)

Nepal Oil Corporation(NOC)

The Corporation is facing a loss of around 22 billion. Despite the hike in petroleum products and aviation fuel, NOC faces a monthly loss of Rs 4.7 billion. The approximation loss of 55 billion has been expected by June end. The price applicable for petrol is Rs 182.81 per liter to purchase, diesel Rs 169.44 per liter, kerosene Rs 1.49 per liter, domestic aviation fuel Rs 131.94 per liter, and international aviation fuel Rs 114.51 per liter. According to the organization, the LP gas per cylinder has reached Rs 2,240.34. The sale of petroleum products is expected to result in a loss for the firm of Rs. 10.61 billion in just April.

Legal Notice Form NOC:

Nepal oil corporation New price list of petrol diesel and aveation

Petrol Price In Nepal Today 2022

Petroleum Product


Price in Nepal (Rs)

Petrol price in Nepal

1 liter


Diesel price in Nepal

1 liter


Kerosene price in Nepal

1 liter


LPG Gas price in Nepal

1 Cylinder


Aviation fuel price in Nepal

1 liter


The price of Mechi LPG gas sold in the Eastern region of Nepal is Rs 1800 only.

Why Oil Corporation Is Increasing Petroleum Price In Nepal?

Petroleum products are going up and up in Nepal. The main reason for increasing fuel in Nepal is due to the increment of curd oil in the international market especially due to lockdowns in most of the countries. For the first time ever, the price of crude oil became negative on April 20, 2020, dropping to – $37.6 per barrel. This means that because they lack storage space, producers pay buyers to take their oil. As Nepal is fully importing oil from India transportation cost also plays a major role in increasing petroleum products. The pandemic that paralyzed the world economy was to blame, and American energy companies had no more space to store the excess oil that was floating around. Nobody wants a crude contract that is about to mature if there is nowhere to store the oil. However, since January, crude oil prices have been on the rise. Nepal was also affected by it.

Does Russia-Ukraine War Responsible For Rising Fuel Prices?

Yes, the Russia-Ukraine war is also responsible for rising fuel prices in the international market. As Russia is the biggest exporter of oil and oil products. As per International Energy Agency (IEA) Russia supplies 2.2 million oil barrels per day. Due to the Russia-Ukraine war supply chain of curd oil has been interrupted. The price of petroleum products again started rising in the international market as well as in Nepal.

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