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Glue Song Lyrics Beabadoobee

Glue Song Lyrics

I’ve never known someone like youTangled in love, stuck by you from the glueDon’t forget to kiss me or else you’ll have to miss meI guess I’m stuck forever by the glue, oh, and you
You’ve been hiding in plain sight, and it appeared, oh I knowLoving you once only feels wrong, I need youI always knew I’d find you, to be here is worth the wait toI’m not lying when I say, “I’ve been stuck by the glue onto you”
I’ve been stuck by glueRight onto youI’ve been stuck by glue
I’ve never knownI’ve never known someone like youI’ve never knownI’ve never known someone like you
Songwriters: Beatrice Ilejay Laus / Jacob Bugden

Beabadoobee Glue Song Lyrics : Video

Glue Song Lyrics

glue song lyrics
glue song lyrics

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