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Katy Perry Finds Sisterly Bond with Orlando Bloom’s Ex Miranda Kerr

Although Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have been in the news for their romance and engagement, The pop star has recently developed a friendship with Kerr, Orlando Bloom’s ex-wife. Despite having once been associated with the same man, the two women have developed a close friendship.


How They Became Friends

Ex-spouses frequently become friends, but they don’t frequently connect with their ex-new partner’s partner. However, Miranda Kerr and Katy Perry have actually experienced this. Orlando Bloom introduced the two women so that his two loves could get to know one another. The two women clicked right away when the three of them were at an event together. They soon established a close friendship after realizing they had a lot in common.


Similar Interests and Lifestyle Choices

Similarities in Interests and Lifestyle
Miranda Kerr and Katy Perry have comparable interests and dietary preferences. They both have a strong passion for health and wellness, and they frequently post social media advice and tips. They both share a passion for fashion and beauty, and they frequently go to events together in order to support one another.


Katy Perry Finds Sisterly Bond with Orlando Bloom's Ex Miranda Kerr

Co-Parenting with Orlando Bloom

Due to their shared parental responsibilities for Orlando Bloom’s son Flynn, Katy Perry and Miranda Kerr have become close. The two women get along well with Flynn and have collaborated to give him a happy and secure upbringing. They frequently appear at family gatherings and during holidays, where they spend time as a blended family.


A Sisterly Bond

Katy Perry has openly discussed her close friendship with Miranda Kerr and referred to her as a “sister” in her speeches. The two women have developed an unbreakable bond by supporting one another through some of life’s greatest obstacles. They are a wonderful illustration of how two women can unite despite having previously been associated with the same man.



The friendship between Miranda Kerr and Katy Perry is proof of the strength of female empowerment. Despite having a past relationship with Orlando Bloom, they now have a close relationship built on respect, common interests, and a love for their kids. All women can take inspiration from them because they demonstrate that it’s possible to find friendship and support in unlikely places.


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