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Kidz Bop Wap Lyrics: Happy Tunes and Playful Rhymes

The  Kidz Bop Singers are a group of talented young performers who have captivated audiences with their lively and kid-friendly renditions of popular songs. With their infectious energy, vibrant personalities, and impressive vocal abilities, these young artists have become stars in their own right, creating a musical experience that resonates with children and families around the world.

Kidz Bop Wap Lyrics

I said certified reek

Seven days a week

Wet and Mushy

Making me feel real bleak, oooo


Weah, yeah, yeah, weah

Yeah you sucking on some wet and mushy

Real bad stomach and go plop

Cause it’s wet and mushy

Get me puking in a cot

With this wet and mushy


Heat it up sticka right hob on

Extra starch and extra carbs

Put this mushy right in your face

Wipe your nose with no disregard

Lollipop I wanna try

But you a devil, dial childline

Spit out my mouth, I’m gonna cry

This mushy is wet, gotta take five

Tiny lumps all similar sized

Don’t taste great, swear I’m deprived

I went for a bite and bit my tongue

Right at the еnd and I cried

Make it steam, makе me scream

Out in public make a scene

I don’t cook, I don’t clean

But let me show you how I snot and cling


Gobble it, swallow it, drip down the side of me

Quick spit out, fore I let it get inside of me

She tell me where to put it

Never tell her where I’m bouta be

I run down on them, fore I have her tryna punish me

Taste like s***, might go drip

Ask for a break and you might get hit

You really ain’t never gonna finish, I’m ashamed

She already made her mind up, fore she aimed


Now get some juice and a coat

For this wet and mushy

She searched her phone, google mixtures

Of this wet and mushy

Her only mission is to give me

Some wet and mushy

Bring me pain cause your gonna

Feed me wet and mushy


Look I need a babysitter, I need a fat thunder

I need a quick drinka, I need to unloader

Got a stomach ache, think I need Oprah

Fearful look in her eye, as she lean over

She got some honey, then that’s where I’m headed

Mushy is vegan, give it some credit

It would appear I’ma diabetic

She let me taste it, now I need a medic

I’m just gonna quit, I’m gonna sulk

I’m gonna gag, I’m gonna bloat

I think you broke my ickle digestive gland

Right at the back of my throat

Ahead plane is flying, go get me a dummy

I’m gonna go cry and it’s not even funny

Eyes wide on that thang till it drops right outside me

I spit out this bite, now she gonna fight me


Your honour she a mean witch

Hand cooked creatures

Bit by bit, making me keep weeping

Back on New Years Eve, wish she never conceived me

Only break at night when she way too busy sleeping

This foods plain, I cannot eat it

She feeding this las, out the bottle feeder

Mummy, couldn’t be any meaner

She’ll leave you in disgust, before she even feed ya

I cannot stand, but I can hang

She keep on feeding, while I’m still restrained

She shook me and ask “you still snoozing?”

This just a trick, time to feed again



Weah, weah, weah

Yea you sucking on some wet and mushy

Real bad stomach and go plop

Cause it’s wet and mushy

Get me puking in a cot

With this wet and mushy

Now from the top, make it slop

That’s some wet and mushy

Real bad stomach and go plop

For this wet and mushy

I’m talking


That’s wet and mushy

Macaroni in a pot

That’s so wet and mushy



Credit: Kidz Bop

Kidz Bop Wap Lyrics Video

More About Kidz Bop

The heart of Kidz Bop’s offerings lies in its compilation albums, which showcase children singing clean versions of contemporary pop hits that frequently dominate the Billboard Hot 100 chart and receive substantial airplay on contemporary hit radio stations. These albums are strategically released months in advance of the songs’ original versions, creating a bridge between popular adult-oriented music and a kid-friendly audience. The lyrics are modified to remove any explicit or profane content, yet it’s worth noting that critics have pointed out that this adjustment doesn’t always entirely erase the adult themes from the original songs.

Kidz Bop’s impact on the music landscape has been substantial, with over 21 million albums sold and more than 4.5 billion streams. This impressive reach has led to the brand’s expansion beyond just music albums. Kidz Bop has ventured into merchandise offerings, produced music videos, established a live touring division, and even organized talent search competitions to discover young performers who align with the Kidz Bop spirit.

In summary, Kidz Bop has established itself as a trusted name in family-oriented music, crafting versions of popular songs that are both enjoyable and suitable for children. Through its albums, merchandise, videos, tours, and talent searches, Kidz Bop continues to create a space where kids can connect with music in a way that resonates with their age group and sensibilities.

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