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Phewa Lake | Fewa Taal | Pokhara Nepal

Phewa Lake, also called Fewa Lake, is a semi-natural freshwater lake in Pokhara, Nepal, in Kaski District. It is the second-largest lake in Nepal after Rara Lake in comparison to Nepal’s water bodies. Phewa Lake is the largest lake in Pokhara, is stream-fed, and a dam regulates the flow of water reserves. It is the most visited lake in Nepal.

The freshwater Fewa Lake has a surface area of approximately 4.43 km2 and is situated at an elevation of 742 m (2,434 feet) (1.7 sq mi). Its maximum depth is 24 m, with an average depth of roughly 8.6 m (28 ft) (79 ft). Phewa Lake’s maximum water capacity is around 43,000,000 cubic meters (35,000 acre-ft). 

Phewa Lake has located 4 km from the city’s center Chipledhunga, Nepal. Origin An analysis of fewa lake sediments reveals its age to be BC 12640 – 12025.

Fewa lake is famous because of the reflection of Mount Macchapuchray and other mountain peaks of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri. The Annapurna range is only 28km (linear distance) from Phewa Lake. The clear water reflects the mountain peaks, attracting thousands of tourists to Pokhara, Nepal. On an island in the freshwater lake lies the Tal Barahi Temple.

Visit Phewa Lake hire a Doonga, a colorful boat, and take a leisurely trip across the Lakeside. Since the holy Tal Barahi Temple is on the lake’s island, it is also recognized to have some religious importance. The eastern area of Pokhara, known as Baidam, features fantastic hotels, eateries, cafes, and bookshops.

Exciting pathways that ascend to higher ground may be found in the heavily wooded area surrounding the lake. One of the main tourist attractions in Pokhara is the Phewa Lake and water sports, and the north bank of the lake has grown into a tourist area known as Lakeside with hotels, restaurants, and bars that cater to visitors.

Where is Phewa Lake Located?

Phewa Lake is in Pokhara, Nepal. Pokhara is about 203 km from Kathmandu valley. You can take a flight to reach Pokhara from Kathmandu, Nepal. It takes about 20-25 minutes to land in Pokhara by plane. If you travel by road, it takes about 6-8 hours. Public vehicles depart from Kathmandu in the morning and evening.

We recommend you hire a private vehicle for your journey and enjoy the beauty of nature while traveling. Once you reach Pokhara Valley, Fewa lake is approximately 20 minutes away by walking. You can explore the beautiful city of Pokhara on walking.

Full view of phewa taal

Pokhara is one of the most beautiful cities as well as one of the most developed cities in Nepal. Once you reach fewa lake, part contains a seemingly endless strip of hotels, lodges, restaurants, bookshops, and souvenir shops.

Boating In Phewa Lake

One of the best things you can do is boating in Phewa Lake. You can choose a colorful boat on lake shores and relax on Phewa Tal. Boating around with a clear freshwater lake may give you unforgettable memories. The forests house a variety of flora and fauna that one can explore while they rest on the shore between their boat rides. One of these trails leads up to the World Peace Pagoda, where one can enjoy a splendid view of the lake and the mountain ranges.

Boating Price in Phewa Lake Pokhara: Rs 500 (with the Boatman) 

Boating Price in Phewa Lake Pokhara: Rs 450 ( without Boatman )

 Tal Barahi Temple Phewa lake

Phewa lake Tal Barahi Temple is a Hindu temple situated on Phewa Lake, Nepal island. It is also called the lake temple, one of the most important religious monument(s) for Hindus. The lovely temple, a two-storied pagoda temple style out of wood and stone, is firmly planted on an island in the lake. Within Phewa Lake’s peacefulness and natural surroundings, you could find the magnificent Tal Barahi Mandir. 

It is a holy place of worship for Goddess Durga (Hindu gods), who is revered as the guardian of all Gods and a representation of Shakti or strength. Goddess Durga took the form of a boar, known as an avatar as Barahi, to use her tusks to dispatch the demons. You can reach the temple by taking boats.

A myth claims that when the deity arrived to visit, she was so enchanted by the area’s surroundings and its inhabitants that she chose to make it her home. In actuality, however, the temple was constructed in 1864 by King Kulmandhan Shah, the first Shah King of Kaski and a devoted follower of Goddess Durga.

Other Major Attraction near Phewa lake Pokhara

Baidam Tal

Phewa Tal, also called Baidam Tal located in south of Pokhara valley. It is the starting point for Pokhara, Nepal tour. It is a famous tourist area with beautiful hotels and restaurants.


Sarangkot is the best-known tourist area in Pokhara, Nepal. It is a famous place in Nepal for Paragliding. You can fly over Phewa Lake with a spectacular view of Annapurna Himal. It is at an altitude of 1600 meters on the western side of Pokhara, Nepal. Sanrangkot is also famous for its sunrise view and view tower.

Ratna mandir

Ratna mandir is also a famous palace in Pokhara Nepal used by the Nepalese royal family.

Best Time to Visit Fewa Lake Pokhara

Phewa Lake in Pokhara, Nepal, can be visited throughout the year. Spring and Autumn is the best season for visiting the lake. During Spring and Autumn, mountains, peaks and ranges are seen with a green environment and blooming flowers.

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