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Qatar embassy in Nepal | Location , Contact Information

Qatar embassy location in Nepal

Qatar embassy location:  2715 Narayan Gopal Marg Maharajgunj, Ward No. 3. Kathmandu Nepal 

Qatar Embassy Contact Details

Telephone Number :-


+977 517 3149

Ambassador of Qatar to Nepal

Mr. Yousef bin Mohammed Al-Hail is Ambassador of the State of Qatar to Nepal

Office Hours

  • Sunday to Thursday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Friday & Saturday remains closed

Process to visit Qatar

  • Passport must be valid for at least 6 months
  • Return ticket must be confirmed
  • The arriving passenger must possess a minimum cash amount of USD 1400 or a valid credit card, same applied for an entire family
  • Hotel quarantine booking for the number of days advised based on the latest travel advisory if arriving from India
  • Hotel bookings made on Discover Qatar for the duration of the stay
  • Must be fully vaccinated with vaccines approved by the Ministry of Public Health and have completed a period of 14 days after the last dose
  • Must have a certificate confirming negative PCR test completed during the 72 hours from the time of arrival
  • Must have an electronic registration completed on the Ehteraz platform ( to obtain the approval of the Ministry of Public Health before travelling

Eligibility for getting Qatar Visa:

You must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible to travel to the country on a visa.

Be a genuine traveler-You must have a valid and good reason for visiting the country.

Eligible to bear all expenses –You must have enough money to support yourself and any dependents during your stay.

Reasons to return – You must have strong ties in your home country to ensure that you will return following your stay.

Be of good character – You must be of good character and have a clean criminal record. You may be required to provide a PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) for this.

Be in good health – You must at least meet the authorities’ minimum health requirements.

Documents required to Visit Qatar

  • Passport
  • Photo
  • Pan Card
  •  Air Ticket
  • Hotel Voucher
  • Vaccination Card( Due to COVID – 19)

What Documents required for go on work visa to Qatar?

Before they can start working in Qatar, foreign employees will need both a work permit and a resident permit. The following documents are required when applying for a work permit:

  1. The employment contract
  2. A duly filled application form from the Ministry of Labour
  3. A medical certificate demonstrating the employee’s excellent health
  4. A copy of the employee’s passport
  5. two passport photos
  6. Any relevant educational certifications
  7. the employer’s immigration card
  8. The visa for employment
  9. Fingerprint biometrics                       

To receive a residency permit, the applicant must supply the following documents:

  1. A valid passport
  2. Two passport photos of the employee
  3. The work visa
  4. a copy of the company’s commercial registration
  5. a copy of the company’s immigration card
  6. The employee’s medical certificate

How much gold is allowed to carry from Qatar to Nepal?

Nepalese people and others foreign citizens are permitted to carry gold ornaments weighing up to 50 grams and silver ornaments weighing up to 100 grams.

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