An In-Depth Analysis: Suspected Chinese Spy Balloon over US 

The stratospheric balloons used by China are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that fly at great heights, typically 20 kilometers above the surface of the Earth

They are solar-powered and made to stay in the stratosphere for extended periods of time while gathering information and sending it back to Earth

The balloons can gather intelligence on a variety of targets, including military installations, vital infrastructure, and communication networks

The balloons also have cutting-edge communication systems that enable remote control and real-time data transmission

This knowledge can be used to influence critical infrastructure operations, disrupt communication networks, or gain a tactical advantage in military operations

The US government is worried that the balloons might be used to track the whereabouts of US citizens without their knowledge or consent or to gather information on political dissidents

The US Response to China's Threat from Spy Balloons The US government is taking action to track down and eliminate the threat that China's spy balloons pose

The US military is working to create new technology to find and follow the balloons as well as to interfere with their communications

The US government is also working to raise global awareness of the danger that China's spy balloons pose