Raquel Welch's Four Marriages: Meet the 4 Men the Late Star Married 

The public is frequently intrigued by the ups and downs of celebrities' romantic relationships when it comes to their private lives

The late actress Raquel Welch was married four times, and her unions have drawn a lot of interest. In this article, we'll examine the husbands Raquel Welch had over the years in more detail

James Welch, an American producer, writer, and director, was Raquel Welch's first husband

James Welch - Raquel Welch's first husband

In 1959, they were married and had two kids together. Unfortunately, they divorced in 1964 after a short marriage. In 2000, James Welch passed away

Raquel Welch married Patrick Curtis, a producer and former publicist, in 1966 following her divorce from James Welch

Patrick Curtis - Raquel Welch's second husband

 Despite having two children together, they divorced in 1972. In 2013, Patrick Curtis passed away

French producer and writer Andre Weinfeld was Raquel Welch's third husband. In 1980, they tied the knot and gave birth to a son. They were married for four years before divorcing in 1984

Andre Weinfeld - Raquel Welch's third husband

Raquel Welch wed Richard Palmer, a businessman and restaurateur, in 1999. Until her passing away in 2021, they remained wed. According to reports, Palmer was a devoted husband who supported Raquel Welch

Richard Palmer - Raquel Welch's fourth husband