Security Denies Entry: SORRY KIDDO..Madonna's Daughter Lourdes Leon

Lourdes Leon is a young woman with many talents who has established herself in the entertainment and fashion industries

Lourdes, the daughter of Madonna, was born in Los Angeles, California, and raised in both England and the United States

She was introduced to the entertainment industry early in life and was known to attend events and concerts featuring her mother Madonna

Lourdes started her career in the entertainment industry as a dancer, even through being in the spotlight since she was a baby

She has performed in a number of her mother's live shows and music videos. Lourdes' mother's 2008 film "Filth and Wisdom" featured her in her very first acting role

Lourdes Leon, daughter of Madonna, was turned away from the most recent Marc Jacobs runway show, which made headlines in the fashion industry

The guards block the entrance and won't let Lourdes Leon and her friends inside despite their attempts to sneak past security

Lourdes and her friend finally give up after making a few phone calls, getting back into their waiting SUV, and driving away