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Bajaj NS 200 Price In Nepal – Images, Mileage, Colours

Bajaj NS 200 Price In Nepal – Images, Mileage, Colours

Hy bike lovers, If you are searching for a powerful, stylish bike with a safe braking system for under 5  lakhs in Nepal 2024, the Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 is the best option.

Bajaj NS 200 is very popular in Nepal and is a favorite bike among the youth. It is one of the highest-selling bikes in Nepal due to its engine power, slick design, advanced features, and excellent mileage. Its sporty looks and excellent performance have increased its popularity among the youth.  It is available with both FI and Carburetor engines.

HH Bajaj, the official distributor of Bajaj bikes in Nepal is offering the Pulsar NS 200 at an affordable price. Now, Let’s discuss the NS 200  price in Nepal.

NS 200 bike price in Nepal starts at Rs. 3.49 Lakhs to Rs. 4.24 Lakhs.

The Bajaj NS 200 price in Nepal varies according to different variants. The prices of its different variants available in Nepal are as follows:

  • NS 200 BS6 Dual ABS FI price in Nepal is Rs. 424,900.
  • NS 200 BS6 ABS Fi price in Nepal is Rs. 413,900.
  • NS 200 BS4 ABS FI price in Nepal is Rs. 401,900.
  • NS 200 BS4 ABS price in Nepal is Rs. 391,900.
  • Ns 200 Non-ABS price in Nepal is Rs. 349,900.

Bajaj Pulsar Ns 200 Feature Highlights

        • Aggressive Masculine Design
        • Best-in-Segment Performance!
        • Triple-Spark DTS-I Engine
        • Halogen Headlamp with Twin Pilot Lamps
        • LED Tail Lamp
        • Perimeter Frame
        • Telescopic Front Forks with Nitrox Rear Monoshock / 33mm USD Telescopic Forks
        • Dual Disc Brakes
        • Single-Channel ABS / Dual-Channel ABS
        • Wider Tubeless Alloy Wheels
        • Under Belly Exhaust
        • Engine Cowl
        • Clip-On Handle Bars
        • Analog Digital Instrument Cluster with Blue Colored Display

Bajaj Pulsar Ns 200 Specifications

Design Overview of Bajaj NS 200

The Bajaj NS 200 is a beautiful blend of power and style. Its attractive and aerodynamic design gives it a stylish look with high performance and aggressiveness on the road. It includes sporty flares, modern headlights, and striking body panels. It has an aggressive front look, stunning flying fairing, and racing stripes giving it a real racing bike feel.

Is NS 200 Powerful Bike ?

The engine performance of Bajaj NS 200 is impressive. It is  a powerful bike with 199.5 cc engine. This engine delivers unmatched power and momentum at every rev and acceleration. It is available with FI and carburetor engines. Let’s have a look at their engine performance. 

NS 200 FI Engine Power 

Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 FI is a single-cylinder, 4-valve, 2-valve, Triple-Spark, Liquid-Cooled engine. It generates a max power of 24.5PS at 9750 rpm and a max torque of 18.6Nm at 6000 rpm.

NS 200 Carburetor Engine Power

The carburetor engine generates a max power of 23.5PS at 9500 rpm and a max torque of 18.3Nm at 8000 rpm.  It has a 6-speed gearbox transmission in both FI and Carburetor.

Is NS 200 Comfortable bike for riding?

Bajaj NS 200 is a comfortable bike for long trips and city rides. It is comfortable bike for tall as well as short riders. Its  suspension gives a smooth riding experience even on off-road roads. The design of its handlebar also ensures the user is in the correct riding position. Thus, the Bajaj NS 200 offers an excellent experience in terms of comfort.

Is Handling and Riding quality of NS200 Good?

The handling and ride quality of the Bajaj NS 200 is excellent. Its aggressive sporty styling and solid frame provide a safe and stable riding experience. Its effective suspension absorbs road irregularities and gives users a smooth ride experience. Its braking system is also very effective, which provides good control and safety to the user. Thus, the handling and ride quality of the Bajaj NS 200 gives a unique and impressive rider experience.

What are the colors Options available for NS 200 In Nepal?

Following are the colour options of Bajaj NS 200 in Nepal:

      • Brunt Red
      • Satin Blue
      • Pearl White
      • Pewter Grey

What is the real mileage of NS200?

The real mileage of Bajaj NS 200 is around 35-40 kmpl. This mileage depends on your riding style and road conditions.

What is the top speed of NS200?

The top speed of Bajaj NS 200 is around 135-140 kmph. This speed may vary depending on your riding skill, road conditions.

What is the Maintenance Cost of NS200?

The maintenance cost of NS 200 is around Rs.1500 to Rs. 200 Nepali rupees depending on the age of the engine. It includes changing engine oil, brake pads, and routine service.

What are the Pros and Cons of NS200?


      • Powerful Engine: Its 200 cc engine provides high power and performance.
      • Attractive Design: Its stylish and aggressive design attracts attention.
      • Mileage: Its excellent mileage is suitable for traveling.


      • Cheap Suspension: Its cheap suspension can reduce comfort during the journey.
      • Heavy Weight: Its heavy weight may affect some users.
      • Maintenance Cost: Its maintenance cost can be high from time to time.

Should you buy NS200 in Nepal?

If you are looking for a powerful, stylish, and excellent-performing bike under 5 lakhs, the NS 200 can be a good choice. This bike is a great favorite among the youth due to its excellent handling, impressive engine performance, and attractive design. If you want to buy the Bajaj bike in Nepal, you can go for NS 200. 

My review of Ns 200

I like its design very much, especially its aggressive and sporty looks. Talking about its performance, its engine is powerful and very smooth while riding. I am also pleased with its mileage, which allows it to travel comfortably even on long journeys. Its budget-friendly price also makes it even more attractive. 

Overall, my experience with the Bajaj NS 200 has been extremely positive, and I consider it an excellent choice.

Key Takeaways

    • NS 200 Price in Nepal is  3.49 Lakhs to 4.24 Lakhs.
    • A popular choice among youth due to its powerful engine, stylish design, and good mileage.
    • Available in various variants with different price points.
    • Engine options include single-cylinder, liquid-cooled with FI, and carburetor.
    • Design features include aggressive styling, a halogen headlamp, an LED tail lamp, and clip-on handlebars.
    • Suitable for city and highway rides with good handling and comfort.
    • Offers average mileage of 35-40 kmpl and a top speed of 135-140 kmph.
    • Maintenance cost ranges from Rs.1500 to Rs.2000 Nepali rupees.
    • Pros include a powerful engine, attractive design, and good mileage; cons include cheap suspension and heavyweight.
    • Personal review highlights positive experience with NS 200, praising its design, performance, mileage, and affordability
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