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Guide to Latest Upcoming IPO in Nepal


In recent years, Nepal has witnessed a growing interest in the stock market and investment opportunities. As a result, the country is experiencing an influx of upcoming initial public offerings (IPOs). An IPO is a significant milestone for any company as it opens doors to public investment and provides an avenue for growth. In this article, we will explore the latest upcoming IPOs in Nepal and shed light on the companies seeking to go public. Whether you are an investor or simply curious about the business landscape in Nepal, this article will provide valuable insights into the exciting IPO market.

Overview of IPOs

An IPO marks the transition of a private company to a publicly traded one. It involves offering shares to the public for the first time, allowing individuals to invest in the company and become shareholders. IPOs provide an opportunity for companies to raise capital, expand their business operations, and enhance their market presence.

Approved IPOs

S.NCompany NameUnits Status
1Makar Jitumaya Suri Hydropower2,280,000 Units Approved
2Mid- Solu Hydropower1,496,800 Units Approved
3Shuvam Power Limited580,580 Units Approved
4Maya Khola Hydropower3,400,000 Units Approved
5Super Madi Hydropower3,150,000 Units Approved
6Khaptad Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd132,000 Units Approved
7Asian Hydropower Limited1,180,000 Units Approved
8Barahi Hydropower700,000 Units Approved
Super Madi Hydropower3,150,000 Units Approved

Upcoming  Latest New IPO’s in Nepal 2023 (2080) (SEBON’s Pipeline)

S.NCompany NameUnits Issue Manager
1Kisan Laghubitta Bittiya
1,298,259 Units Muktinath Capital
2Dish Media Network2,385,929 Units Global IME Capital
3Mirmire Laghubitta Bittiya
Sanstha Ltd.
51,316 Units Nepal SBI Merchant
4IME Life Insurance6,000,000  Units Civil Capital
5Unique Nepal Laghubitta
Bittiya Sanstha Ltd.
379,425 Units Muktinath Capital
6Reliable Life Insurance Ltd (Premium@ Rs.212)6,000,000 Units Civil Capital
7Unnati Sahakarya
Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha
178,451 Units Siddhartha Capital
8Rasuwagadhi Hydropower (For local)6,842,100 Units Siddhartha Capital
Muktinath Krishi Company400,000 Units Mega Capital

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