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Read blogs about religious places in nepal; Like pashupatinath, Baudhanath, soyembhu, janaki mandir,

Religious Places of Nepal

Religious Places of Nepal

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Nepal is a diverse country. In Nepal, different castes, languages, religions, cultures, traditions, customs, and various cultural characteristics exist. It is a country full of religious heritage. Since ancient times in Nepal, there are variously historical, geographical, cultural, and religious heritages. Various religious heritages have been enhanced and promoted by the government of Nepal. Being a multireligious country in Asia, Nepal is home to different religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Jain, Sikhism, Kirant, etc. All of them have their own unique and famous religious heritage. Some of the religious places of nepal are described as follows:- 1. Changunarayan Temple: Changunarayan temple is in Doladri (a high hill named Dolagiri) in the northeastern part ...

Kathmandu Valley | Explore the City of Temples in Nepal

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The capital city of Nepal is Kathmandu valley, which is often written Katmandu or Kantipur, or Kastamandap. Kathmandu district is at an altitude of 4,344 feet (1,324 meters) above sea level, it is situated in a steep area close to the meeting point of the Bagmati and Vishnumati rivers. Kathmandu is surrounded by a valley full of ancient hill village, temples, Buddhist Monasteries, historic places, and fascinating villages. Kathmandu is famous for beautiful creative wood carving as “Kath” in Kathmandu is known as wood. The capital of Nepal, Kathmandu is a famous city with many temples. The total population of Kathmandu metropolitan city is 3,059,466 people residing in 683,954 households. It is the most developed and populated place in Nepal. It is home to a multi-ethnic population whose maj...
Everything about Pashupatinath Temple

Everything about Pashupatinath Temple

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About Pashupatinath Temple Pashupatinath Temple is the oldest Hindu temple in the heart of Kathmandu valley, Nepal, near Tribhuvan International Airport. Pashupati is in province number 3 in the Bagmati region. In the 5th century, a temple was built, and the Pashupatinath temple was on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites in 1979 AD.  It covers an area of 246 hectares which includes ghats and temples. It is the main Hindu temple of Lord Shiva; the temple complex provides a special atmosphere for Hindu devotees. The temple is for both Hindus and other non-Hindu visitors. Visit Pashupatinath temple once you land in Kathmandu. The main temple complex and sanctum sanctorum of Pashupatinath remained intact, but the outer sanctum of the complex in the 2015 Bais...