Samosa Chaat : Recipe

Samosa chaat is a portion of trendy street food in Nepal and India made from Samosa, Spicy Chole (chickpeas), yogurt, and chutney. Chaat term is very firmly culpable to Nepalese cuisine. Samosa chaat has now been found in restaurants, small hotels, Parties, and

spicy Chatpate recipe | Street Food of Nepal

About Chatpate Chatpate is one of Nepal and India’s most popular and loved street food. it made using puffed rice, generally found in Indian or Nepalese stores. Chatpate is common among teenagers in Nepal and India with mouthwatering flavors. It is famous and can be

Jhol momo & Jhol achar Street food In Nepal

Momo, also called dumplings, is the most popular dish in Asian countries, including Nepal. These are steamed, or fried dumplings filled with spiced meat or vegetables and served with pickles. It can be both Veg and Nom-veg. Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, is famous