Holi: The Festival of Colors and Love

Holi is a vibrant and joyous festival that is celebrated with great enthusiasm and excitement in Nepal and other parts of South Asia. It is also known as the festival of colors or the festival of love, and it marks the arrival of

National Anthem of Nepal(नेपालको राष्ट्रिय गान)

What is national Anthem? A national anthem is a song that introduces a country or its people. It is typically a patriotic song. Additionally, it represents the national histories and traditions. We should never disrespect the national anthem, just as we should never

Pride of Nepal: Magar Dress

About Magar Dress The Magar, a warrior tribe of the central Himalayas, is known for their bravery and strength. They have a unique dress code that sets them apart from other ethnic groups in the hill. The men wear a coat called ‘chhatra’ in

Provinces/States of Nepal

The federal democratic republic of Nepal has 7 states/provinces and 753 local bodies. According to article number 56 of the constitution of Nepal, the Government of Nepal consists of three levels: the federation, the state & local levels. Nepal is divided into 77

Best Sad Status in Nepali

In your life happiness sadness and different other feelings may arise. these feelings are unremovable parts of our life. Sometimes moments give happiness and sometimes sadness Which we have to deal with ourselves.  Sadness is a type of emotional distress that is defined by

Tihar Festival in Nepal

Tihar is one of the most important festivals among us. It is second biggest festival in Nepal . it is also called the festival of lights. Tihar festival falls every year from Kartik Krishna Trayodashi to Kartik Sukala Dittiya. On these five days,

Best Funny caption and Status Quotes in Nepali

Hey guys! Are you looking for mindblowing Funny Status in Nepali? Then you are in the right place.  Easily choose Nepali Funny Status for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, and make your close ones smile. You can also send SMS to your loved ones

Dashain festival in Nepal

Dashain is a festival that originated in Nepal. Dashain is considered one of the most important and biggest festival in Nepal. Among the Newars of Kathmandu Valley, Nepali Dashain is known as Mohni and is celebrated as the most important festival of the

Samosa Chaat : Recipe

Samosa chaat is a portion of trendy street food in Nepal and India made from Samosa, Spicy Chole (chickpeas), yogurt, and chutney. Chaat term is very firmly culpable to Nepalese cuisine. Samosa chaat has now been found in restaurants, small hotels, Parties, and

Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital |Doctors list, Timing and Contact

About Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital Bhaktapur cancer hospital is national-level cancer hospital in Nepal. In cooperation with both public private partnership like Nepal Government, Ministry of Health and Population, Bhaktapur Municipality, National and Rotary International Club, Nepal Cancer relief society and others organization. (Nepal cancer relief