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National Anthem of Nepal(नेपालको राष्ट्रिय गान)

National Anthem of Nepal(नेपालको राष्ट्रिय गान)

A national anthem is a song that introduces a country or its people. It is typically a patriotic song. Additionally, it represents the national histories and traditions. We should never disrespect the national anthem, just as we should never disrespect national anthems. The national anthem fosters feelings of allegiance, devotion, and pride in one’s country, culture, and identity. The national anthem is played to promote harmony and peace in the nation. After all, what exactly is a national anthem?

The national anthem should be sung with honor and respect. A country’s national anthem is extremely important to that country. The national anthem, however, promotes interpersonal harmony. Additionally, we ought to generalize the particular advantages of the national anthem, aspire to show respect in every way, and sing it with pride.

What is National anthem of Nepal?

“sayun thunga Phul ka hami…………(सयौं थुँगा फूलका हामी….)” is the National Anthem of Nepal. It is officially adopted in 3rd august 2007 by Government of Nepal.

The National anthem of Nepal is written by Pradip kumar Rai(also known as byakul maila) and the music for national anthem has been composed by Ambar Gurung.

The national anthem of Nepal is written about Nepal’s culture, courage, pride, beauty, peace, respect and biodiversity of Nepal.

The national anthem is sung before every formal program i.e. from school’s assembly to National events. 

National anthem of Nepal

National anthem on Nepal Lyrics in Nepali(नेपालको राष्ट्रिय गान) :-

सयौं थुँगा फूलका हामी, एउटै माला नेपाली
सार्वभौम भई फैलिएका, मेची-महाकाली।

प्रकृतिका कोटी-कोटी सम्पदाको आंचल
वीरहरूका रगतले, स्वतन्त्र र अटल।

ज्ञानभूमि, शान्तिभूमि तराई, पहाड, हिमाल
अखण्ड यो प्यारो हाम्रो मातृभूमि नेपाल।

बहुल जाति, भाषा, धर्म, संस्कृति छन् विशाल
अग्रगामी राष्ट्र हाम्रो, जय जय नेपाल।


National anthem of Nepal in English( translated):-

We are hundreds of flowers, the one garland – Nepali
Sovereign, spread out from Mechi to Mahakali.
Amassing nature’s millions of resources
By the blood of heroes, independent and immovable.
Land of knowledge, land of peace, Terai, hills, mountains
Indivisible this beloved, our motherland Nepal.
The diverse races, languages, faiths, and cultures are so extensive
Our progressive nation, long live Nepal.

National Anthem on Nepal (Transliteration):-

Sayaű thűgā phūlkā hāmī, euṭai mālā nepālī
Sārvabhaum bhai phailiekā, Mechi-Mahākālī
Prakṛtikā koṭī-koṭī sampadāko ā̃chal,
Vīrharūkā ragata le, swatantra ra aṭal
Gyānabhūmi, śhāntibhūmi Tarāī, pahād, himāl
Akhaṇḍa yo pyāro hāmro mātṛibhūmi Nepāl
Bahul jāti, bhāṣhā, dharma, sãnskṛti chan biśhāl
Agragāmī rāṣhṭra hāmro, jaya jaya Nepāl

National anthem of Nepal (नेपालको राष्ट्रिय गान) in pdf File

Shriman Gambhir - The Previous National anthem of Nepal

Before 2007 the national anthem of Nepal is quite different . the national anthem of Nepal was “Shriman Ganbhir bhupati……” Which meaning was to pray for king for long and healthy life. 

The lyrics was written by chakrapani Chalise in 1924. and adopted as a national anthem at  1962, as a homage to the Nepalese sovereign.

Previous national anthem

Shriman gambhir Nepali(श्रीमान् गम्भीर नेपाली) Lyrics in Nepali:-

श्रीमान् गम्भीर नेपाली

प्रचण्ड प्रतापी भूपति

श्री ५ सरकार महाराजाधिराजको सदा रहोस् उन्नति

राखुन् चिरायु ईशले

प्रजा फैलियोस, पुकारौँ जय प्रेमले

हामी नेपाली साराले

Shriman gambhir Nepali(श्रीमान् गम्भीर नेपाली) Lyrics translated in English

May glory crown you, courageous Sovereign,
You, the gallant Nepalese,
The Great King of Five Kings, our glorious ruler,
May he live for many years to come,
And may the number of his subjects increase,
Let every Nepalese sing this with joy.
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