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Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital |Doctors list, Timing and Contact

About Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital

Bhaktapur cancer hospital is national-level cancer hospital in Nepal. In cooperation with both public private partnership like Nepal Government, Ministry of Health and Population, Bhaktapur Municipality, National and Rotary International Club, Nepal Cancer relief society and others organization. (Nepal cancer relief society is non-profit organization eatablished by Late Princess Jayanti Rajya Laxmi Devi Shah in 1928 A.D. ) The Bhaktapur cancer hospital was Established as a local community hospital in 2051. The hospital highly welcomes local community people and provides free cancer treatment facilities to poor and needy people by highly committed and dedicated doctors. 

Bhaktapur cancer hospital has been providing quality cancer treatment to  patients across Nepal at low cost with the help of Nepal government. In the context, a situation has been created and on the proposal of the Ministry of Health and Population, the meeting of the Council of Ministers held on the 24th of Kartik 2077 approved the formation order of Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital Development Committee 2077 and the service is being operated from 123 beds under the Ministry of Health and Population.

Currently, a full-time DM is being studied in medical oncology from the National Institute of Medical Sciences in the Bhaktapur hospital. Also, MD Residents in Radiation Oncology and Gynecology Oncology are posted for cancer specialist training and study in the Bhaktapur Hospital. Likewise, MD resident doctors and graduate and post graduate nursing students from medical educational institutions affiliated to Kathmandu University and Tribhuvan University come for experimental practice in Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital(Bhaktapur Hospital). Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital lies in Dudhpati- Bhaktapur. 

Image Of Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital

Objective Of Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital

  • To provide high-quality and compassionate medical care that is easily available to the patients.
  • To work with Nepal Cancer Relief Society and the local community people in the area of preventive oncology as well as early detection.
  • Provide palliative services including pain management and support for poor cancer patients.
  • Incorporate an electronic hospital management information system for hospital management.
  • In order to provide charity services and  Palliative care services to the poor and vulnerable people.
  • For the purpose of conducting a registry for cancer and to conduct telemedicine.
  • Involvement in the Cancer Support Programs and curative programs with local community people.
  • Research work and academic work on cancer research.

Contact Information Of Cancer Hospital

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Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital Doctors List




Radiation Oncology Department in Bhaktapur Hospital

Unit II

Dr. Suresh K. Maharajan


Dr. Sudhir Raj Silwal

Unit I

Dr. Ujjwal Chalise


Dr. Shweta Baral


Dr. Shiba Shrestha


Dr. Manoj Acharya




Medical Oncology Department in Bhaktapur Hospital

Unit II

Prof. Dr. Bishnu Dutta Paudel


Dr. Prabhu Prasad Sah


Dr. Momd. Arphan Azad


Medical Oncology Department in Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital

Unit I

Dr. Roshan Prajapati


Dr. Sudip Thapa


Dr. Samikshya Pokharel






Surgical Oncology Department in Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital

Unit I

Dr. Utsab Man Shrestha


Dr. Punya Ram Kharbuja


Dr. Manish Roy


Dr. Bikash Bhaila



Unit II

Prof. Dr. Rishikesh N. Shrestha


Dr. Deep Lamichhane


Dr. Suraj Suwal


Dr. Reshm Rana




MSK Oncology Unit in Bhaktapur Hospital


Dr. Binayak Dhungel


Dr. Noor Prajapati




Head and Neck Oncology Unit in Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital

Unit I

Dr. Bibek Khanal


Dr. Archana Amatya

Unit II

Dr. Sandesh Mainali


Dr. Rijendra Yogal




Gynae Oncology Unit in Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital

Unit I

Dr. Shristee Prajapati


Dr. Usha Bade Shrestha


Dr. Ranjana Mandal

Unit II

Dr. Eliza Shrestha


Dr. Jasma Mally



OPD 13

Pedatric Onocology Department


Dr. Sushma Gurung


Dr. Sristi Gautam




Anesthesia Department


Dr. Devaki Shakya Gubhaju


Dr. Arogya Kandel


Dr. Sajal Shakya


Radiology Department


Dr. Sunima Lama


Dr. Bikesh Twati


Dr. Bhanu Bikram Chand


Neuro Onco Surgery Unit


Dr. Rajeev Shah


Dr. Umesh Khaitu


Pathology Department


Dr. Abhimanyu Jha


Dr. Rakesh Pathak


Dr. Sanat Chalise


Medical Officer


Dr. Ananada Babu Dhakal


Dr. Anisha Khadka


Dr. Etna Khatiwada


Dr. Anil Naga

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