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Driving license exam question answers Pdf

Driving license exam question answers Pdf

Are you preparing for your driving license exam? The Department of Transport Management has made it easier for you by releasing a collection of 500 questions and answers that may be asked in the written test. This question and answer collection has been created to provide convenience to the service recipients who are taking the written test. The department has issued a notice and made the collection of questions public as per the driving license examination procedure 2077. The written examination will consist of 20 questions, each worth 5 marks, taken from the published question collection. This includes questions for Class A and K (motorcycle, scooter, moped) as well as Class B (car, jeep, and delivery van) license exams. To make it even more convenient, the department has also made the questions available in PDF format. So, download the driving license test book pdf, driving license test questions and answers pdf and start preparing today!

Driving license question answer Pdf for Class A and K ( Motorcycle , scooter and Moped)

Driving license question answer Pdf for Class B ( Car and Van )

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