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Grading System of Nepal |SEE Result

Grading System of Nepal |SEE Result

SEE stands for the Secondary Education Examination, which is a national level examination conducted in Nepal for students completing their secondary education. The grades and percentage system used for the SEE exams is as follows:

Grade system of SEE Nepal

SNPercentage (%)GradeDescriptionGrade Point
1.90 to 100A+Outstanding4.0
2.80 to below 90AExcellent3.6
3.70 to below 80B+Very Good3.2
4.60 to below 70BGood2.8
5.50 to below 60C+Satisfactory2.4
6.40 to below 50CAcceptable2.0
7.35 and aboveDBasic1.6
8.Below 35Non-gradedUnclassified

In Nepal, the grading system for students in grade 10 (also known as Secondary Education Examination or SEE) has been based on letter grades ranging from E to A+ for the past six years. These grades are determined by a student’s performance in individual subjects and reflect their level of achievement. The letter grading system is used to assess and evaluate the student’s progress and understanding of the material covered in each subject. The highest grade, A+, is awarded to students who demonstrate exceptional performance, while lower grades such as E indicate a lower level of achievement. This grading system helps students and educators track the student’s progress and identify areas for improvement. Overall, the letter grading system provides a more comprehensive and nuanced assessment of a student’s performance compared to a traditional percentage-based grading system.

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