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Tenzing-Hillary Airport | World’s Dangerous Lukla Airport

Tenzing-Hillary Airport or Lukla airport is a domestic airport in Lukla Town. It is in Solukhumbu district of Nepal. Lukla airport is recognized as it got on the list of the world’s most dangerous airports. Another region is it is considered the gateway for trekkers to Mount Everest Base camp. Regular everyday flight is possible between Kathmandu to Lukla. It is most dangerous because of its weather condition. The weather is unpredictable in Lukla. Winds, Rain, and cloudy weather are the main obstacles for pilots. Only experienced pilots are authorized to fly Lukla. The flight towards Lukla generally takeoff in daylight, night flight is not possible.

Sir Edmund Hillary, who had initially intended to construct the airport on flat farmlands, oversaw its construction in 1964. The airport was established where it is now because local farmers did not want to give up their property. Hillary used the local Sherpas in the construction of the facilities after purchasing the property from them for US$2,650. According to rumors, Hillary’s answer to the runway’s soil resistance was to buy a local drink for the Sherpas and instruct them to engage in a foot-stomping dance in order to level the runway’s serving ground. In 2001, the runway was finally paved.

Plane crash in Lukla Nepal

A Yeti Airlines DHC-6 Twin Otter 300 from Kathmandu crashed into Lamjura Hill on May 25, 2004, due to dense cloud cover. All three crew members were killed; there were no passengers on board. The captain misled the Area Control Centre about his status, according to the Nepalese accident inquiry committee.

On October 8, 2008, Yeti Airlines Flight 103, a DHC-6 Twin Otter 300 (registered 9N-AFE), crashed and caught fire while it was on its final approach, killing 18 people on board as well as the crew. The sole survivor was the pilot of the airplane. The incident was captured on video, and bad weather was present at the time.

Plane crash in Lukla Nepal

Lukla Airport Flights

Delays are regular and virtually to be anticipated. The majority of flights take place between the hours of 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. when the weather is at its optimum. Following that, rain and heavy clouds cause problems for the brilliant pilots, who must land and take off using just their eyes and priceless experience. There are no flight attendants or guided ascents and descents. A plane ticket is comparatively cheap, and most tour operators include it in their package price. Unless you want to suffer an 11hour bus ride 5 days hiking, or have enough money to spend on a private helicopter, the aircraft travel to Lukla is an essential aspect of your journey to Everest Base Camp.

Why Lukla Airport Is Dangerous?

Lukla Airport is located between two mountains. Furthermore, the fact that this airport is located on the slope of the mountains contributes to its designation as “the most dangerous airport in the world.” More than 300 people have died while attempting to climb Mount Everest, with thousands more wounded. However, the risks begin even before hikers reach base camp. The most frequent route for trekkers to get to the region is to fly to Lukla, a little Himalayan hamlet 9,383 feet above sea level.

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